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about Master Space Heaters

Master Heater Climate Solutions Group is a world leader in the manufacture of portable solutions for the control of the micro climate heating, dehumidification and ventilation. It now consists of four major sites in four different countries serving customers all over the world.

Master Heaters Italy, located near Verona, is the important heart of the group for engineering and manufacture. This site houses two plants and a network of integrated suppliers, strongly linked with Master. Master Central Europe is a manufacturing facility and a logistic site located in near Poznan in Poland. Master Russia is the third entity of M.C.S. Group, located near Moscow. It consists of the commercial office and spare parts warehouse. Master China is the youngest part of the M.C.S. Group, located in Shanghai. The new team is active in sales and after sales support. The Shanghai site consists of a warehouse of finished products as well as the warehouse of spare parts. Master portable heaters can heat any room or area quickly and efficiently.

Master Heaters are ideal for use as a temporary or permanent heating solution. The range consists of oil, gas and electric heaters. All spare parts for Master Heaters are available for mail order via our webshop, clicking the contact us button at the top of the page will take you to our main webshop site where you can browse parts and order spares for delivery to your desired location, anywhere in the U.K

Look through the site to find downloadable pdf documents that will be valuable when your space heater requires service, maintenance or repair.